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Tucked in right after the Christmas rush and the New Year's party mentality is Kwanzaa. It's a made up holiday, but that doesn't stop people from taking it seriously. In some instances, far too seriously. The church back home (I know I should be calling it 'my church' or something but I don't really feel a sense of ownership when it comes to that sort of thing) uses the holiday as a community outreach, and ties the seven principles in with various biblical references and the general need to go out and do good things for those who need it. It's wholesome, it's harmless, and it fosters a sense of togetherness where there might not otherwise be such a thing. 

Sadly, for me, it's been more of an afterthought - I only thought of it today when I was considering New Year's resolutions and it dawned on me that we're still in the middle of another holiday. So, I don't have the candles or the seven principles, or any of that right now. What I do have is the meditation - it's supposed to be for the last day of the celebration, but I think it's pretty fitting for right now:

Let us not engage the world hurriedly.
Let us not grasp at the rope of wealth impatiently.
That which should be treated with mature judgment,
Let us not deal with in a state of anger.
When we arrive at a cool place,
Let us rest fully;
Let us give continuous attention to the future;
and let us give deep consideration to the consequences of things.
And this because of our (eventual) passing.

My new year's resolution that I've been toying around with for this year was about focus. Focusing on my freelancing, focusing on Ishtar, focusing on what's important to me and in improving myself while still managing to enjoy life. But in doing that, in having focus, there is always a danger of narrowing perceptions to the point that you don't notice other important things that come along. So instead of focus, I think that in 2009 I'll try for balance instead. Not letting one thing pull me or drive me to the point of exhaustion, and spending a little time each day on something frivolous, just because I enjoy it. 

Hope the holidays were lovely for everyone, and that the New Year finds you a little happier, a little healthier, and a little more whole than you were this time last year. 

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